33 Words That Turn Her On

7 Words That Turn Her On And
Boost Her Sexual Libido Immediately
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With the right specific trigger words and phrases, any man (that’s you) can ignite powerful sexual desire in your wife or girlfriend…

…whether you’ve been happily married for decades, or you’re only on your second date.

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7 trigger phrases for kickstarting a dead bedroom

If you’re like most couples, the early days of your relationship were probably wild.

You could barely keep your hands off each other for night after passionate night.

But nowadays, it’s always a different excuse for why she doesn’t want sex.

She’s too tired, she’s in a bad mood, it was a long day at work… and so on.

It’s a tough situation to be in.

But here’s the crucial bit:

If her libido’s currently low – it can still go back up again.

By understanding a bit about female psychology…

…you’ll realize that, subconsciously, she probably still loves sex.

Over time, her rational brain starts suppressing these feelings.

But it’s possible to help her express them again – by using the right language.

No matter how long she hasn’t been interested…

…each woman has specific trigger words that set off her attraction without engaging her rational brain.

For instance, if you’ve tried talking about how good the sex would feel…

…tell her instead how good she would make you feel – specifically using “you”.

Describing sex in general describes an act – something she has to do.

This might set off the rational objection that it’s too much effort after a long day.

But talking about her bypasses this – as it feels more like a shared experience of passion.

She’ll subconsciously feel appreciated that you enjoy the pleasure she alone gives you.

And this can flick the switch in her mind that activates her inner “sexual beast”…

…leaving her desperate to satisfy you sexually.

That’s just one way language can help bypass her rational brain.

For 7 phrases that can unleash a raw sexual side to her you never knew existed…

…just follow the link below.

The 7 phrases that activate her inner “sexual beast”

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PS – You don’t need to be an experienced seduction guru for these words to work.

Any man can strategically use these words at just the right moment to activate seriously powerful sexual arousal in their woman.

33 Innocent words magic phrases pdf

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