Words That Arouse A Woman

How To Be The Engaging, Confident Conversationalist That Beautiful Women ADORE


Building instant rapport with women through conversation needn’t be a mystery.

In the free book linked below you’ll discover how you could spark her attraction and interest with just a few questions…

…that get HER doing all the talking – and could turn you from acquaintance to friend… or more.

Say this to a beautiful woman – and watch her hang on your every word

So many men write to me saying they’re hopeless at starting conversations with attractive women.

They get nervous, or simply can’t think of anything to say.

I’ll tell you now – charming women with words doesn’t need to be this complicated.

To make your conversations with women as interesting and natural as possible…

…start by showing you’ve actually listened to what she’s saying, and ask the right questions.

Here’s what I mean by this.

Say you’re chatting to a gorgeous woman, and she tells you she runs her own bistro.

Instead of replying with the most basic or obvious follow-up response…

(i.e. “Nice one”, “How long have you done that for?”, etc.)

…dig a little deeper.

Ask her something that reveals a little more about her underlying personality.

Don’t make it a police interrogation, but things like this are ideal:

“What got you interested in starting your own business?”

“Is it more of a short or long-term thing?”

You’ll learn more about her this way, and since she probably isn’t asked more detailed questions that often…

…she’ll find the conversation more engaging, as she starts thinking of more interesting answers and analyzing the topic more deeply.

And ultimately, she’ll appreciate that you’ve listened and shown a genuine interest in who she is and what she does.

Sometimes it’ll lead to genuine romantic interest from her, sometimes it won’t.

But trust me – you’ll stand a much greater chance of success asking interesting questions like this…

…than boring, surface level ones.

Now, that’s a basic way to improve one aspect of your conversational skills with women.

But there’s a number of more advanced techniques to help you talk confidently and effortlessly to women…

…and leave her laughing, smirking and genuinely interested in getting to know you better.

To find out what they are and start becoming a confident smooth-talker, grab the free book linked below for a full breakdown of these techniques.

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